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The Song that Spoke

A huge problem I find in myself is procrastination. Today I was going to write this post, but when it came time, I decided to instead clean my room. Now I sit on my floor surveying the newly organized room I will leave in a couple of days. And again I think. I really ought to get writing…but really, why; it’s not like there’s a deadline or someone who really needs to read this.BOOM! (God doesn’t show me things quietly; He understands how thick my skull can be and tends to use 2X4’s.) I realized that I don’t write these things for anyone else, I write them for me so I can understand just what is running through my head. So I my thoughts…

Sometimes we get to love people for a season; knowing all the while that it is only for a season, that it is not returned; all to be reminded that love is not all about me whomever the ‘me’ may be. The troubling thing with a situation like that is it can lead to bitterness. Knowing how things will turn out in the end does not always change our feelings…

Ode to the Young, the Spineless.

Written December 10, 2011. 

                          Words are scary things.
Their meanings change from ear to ear
Yet scary things are needed things.
To speak, to say, to more than show
The time has come, you - grown
No more time to hide behind as shy
'Tis action, forward movement; life's demand
Youth no longer excuse may be.
While true, words are scary things.

There was an all-nighter involved. I spent twelve hours people watching, of course I found things to write about :]

...And a Spine.

Lately, I’ve been ranting. A lot. Mostly about wimpy Christian boys. Those guys who claim to be followers of Christ, who tell anyone they will do what God calls them to; yet they can’t get up the guts to talk to girls. Not just ask them out, speak to them. This isn’t from some desire to be in a relationship, but it’s annoying when an entire group of people avoid me. My roommate and I were talking about how guys on our private Christian campus have trouble making eye contact with us – notice, I did not say maintaining, I said making. They stare at the ground as they walk by; they look past our heads as they speak with us. These are not shy, awkward homeschoolers. These are regular, guys; guys who are even considered ‘popular.’ What The Heck. Upon talking, my roomie and I realized that between the two of us the number of Christian guys who have asked us out is zero. The only time a Christian man as shown interest in me, is after he knows I have an interest in him. Silly me, I am assuming…