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Finding Fear

I originally wrote this July 7, 2010. Today I've been cleaning my room and finding all sorts of treasures, this poem is just an example:

Headstrong and alone, no battle too fierce -
Every move my own; no blame can I lay -
Hazards are many, yet no fear will show.
A life all my own - no rules to obey.
Say it again, pretend I believe it -
Offering falsehood to a debt unpaid...
Versed well in facades; myself can't I save?
Exposed now to daylight, scum that I am,
Redeemer, save me, from all that I am.
Cleanse now and clean me, brand new in your sight.
Open arms now to meet, as there I run.
Motivated now, not by lack of fear,
Ever more do I feel it toward You.
              Love now is abounding, life with Your fear.

Venturing True Grit

Currently, I am avoiding writing an essay about what stereo type I fit into for my Comp class by writing a letter. Half way through that letter, I am having some guilt for not working on my homework…so I began to think about doing my homework. I’m writing it about how I am a Christian Fundamentalist and what that means in the circle I’ve grown up in vs. what it means when most people hear that phrase. I began to have doubts about my topic rather quickly; especially after some things transpired this weekend…

You see, I think my new stereotype should be “Wimp”. It would, again, be a stereotype I fit into quite well.

I’ve always taken time to warm up to people when I haven’t seen them in awhile – my grandparents can attest to the fact I’ve had this personality flaw since birth, causing them many hurt feelings. As I get older, it has gotten easier to just speak to most people. But when my opinion of them is high, my pride gets in the way and locks my mouth. While I don’t fear confrontatio…