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A Matter of Convenience

When I started writing this, I wanted to be vague. To be artistic and creative. Something I haven’t done in a long while. I sent the draft to my friend regretted hitting send.

It wasn’t honest. And I’m nearly positive it only made sense to me. I talked about invisible bars and sitting and patience as action.
And most importantly, I washed out my pathetic attempts to almost heroic.
Can I just say, capital letters, FALSE.
Stupid is just stupid. No excuses. See, I had this problem for quite some time. Most of my friends new about this situation and they didn’t approve.
I didn’t approve.
But kept myself in a position where I felt important because part of me needed the attention. And it gets worse. I wasn’t content where I was. I wanted more and more. It wasn’t even a relationship. But I thought it could be. Maybe. In a few years. Just wait and see. Of course, I never waited too much - just enough to hang on and be aware of any changes.

It was easy. Just how I like interacting. No labels, no lon…