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Some Old Coats

A few weeks ago I flew to Tennessee to visit two very close friends. During the trip, we stayed with ones grandparents. I don’t know either very well, but admire them from what I do know. Their granddaughter – one of my friends – had to work Sunday morning, leaving the two of us in the capable hands of her grandparents. They took as to church and introduced us to friends, if unequally – a poor mathematician is just no match for an operatic tenor. On the drive to meet my friend, I sat in the back seat with her grandmother. We began to talk about wit and tongues (not the speaking languages kind, mind you). She made a point to tell me that God has given some – i.e. the two of us – the gift of a sharp tongue. But we aren’t to use it to tear down, but to show mercy to those with whom we speak.

Later in our conversation – the ride to my friends office took about 15 minutes, so we were quite efficient with our words – she was telling me a story of a pastor she once knew, one who helped her g…

Inside the Lines

My English class has this reoccurring assignment; its purpose is to force us to learn new words. In all honesty, I couldn’t tell you any of the words I’ve used before this past week. I was asking friends for some difficult/strange words I could use; mostly because I was too lazy to actually go look for them myself. One friend gave some great words I’d never heard of before and will probably never use. The other friend, however, threw out words I’ve known since I was small – tyranny, justice, love. At first I laughed because I thought he was being funny, no way those are difficult words. Than it slapped me across the face like a trout (that’s for you Kellie!) – I use those words a lot, okay, maybe not tyranny, but I throw them around and I don’t really know how to define them. Even when I think I have a plausible definition, it seems to change in the blink of an eye; no decent definition is that pliable. Or is it?

I’m afraid that our current culture avoids defining everything, especial…

The title is inluded in the words. Hope you an find it :]

Standing in a clearing,
     Dreaming of a day when you see me.

Twirling in cream - a white-patterned dress,
     Arms raised high; an unsung song plays through my mind.

I see you watch from a distance,
     My smile is meant to welcome, but must instead scare you away.

Legions seem to approach me,
     You look a bit nervous, yet planted in place.

Love, I’m still dreaming and twirling away,
     But I can’t, I can’t wait forever.

‘Here I am’ each movement seems to say,
     And still you don’t see me…

Early I rise to begin,
     Sometimes the start is tired and slow.

Remember and smile
     As faster I twirl: ‘round and around and around.

Edge just a bit closer, my clearing is near,
     It’s just me, I’m alone, and yes – I’m still dreaming.

Judgment Eyes

I am beginning to realize I am a horrid blogger - and I thought my journal entries were sporadic! But anyway, I wrote this poem earlier this month because it's something that I struggle with...

Judgment Eyes: "We crowd around the masses, fingers pointing as they bleed. Just in case they have forgotten, we count their every wrong - We tell them they must  change, but in a language most unknown - There's no time for teaching, when everyone's scores need keeping.
I crowd around the masses, now just staring as they bleed. What kind of Christian am I, hiding behind these judgment eyes? What Good News am I bringing if my every look condemns? My life is here, an example, His image do I bare.
Among the masses now, with the Savior who heals all wounds. A look in reverse, at my not so distant yesterdays, Reveals not much has changed, still a sinner saved by grace. Judgment eyes aside, I'm not so different from the masses,           Just a sinner saved by grace."