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Judgment Eyes

I am beginning to realize I am a horrid blogger - and I thought my journal entries were sporadic! But anyway, I wrote this poem earlier this month because it's something that I struggle with...

Judgment Eyes: "We crowd around the masses, fingers pointing as they bleed. Just in case they have forgotten, we count their every wrong - We tell them they must  change, but in a language most unknown - There's no time for teaching, when everyone's scores need keeping.
I crowd around the masses, now just staring as they bleed. What kind of Christian am I, hiding behind these judgment eyes? What Good News am I bringing if my every look condemns? My life is here, an example, His image do I bare.
Among the masses now, with the Savior who heals all wounds. A look in reverse, at my not so distant yesterdays, Reveals not much has changed, still a sinner saved by grace. Judgment eyes aside, I'm not so different from the masses,           Just a sinner saved by grace."